Quest for the Crowns

Items Found in Malik Treasure Horde
Treasure found

Claimed Items:

1. Leather boots – +30 DB, +10 climbing, +10 riding
2. Ear Ring of Unpain – Able to cast unpain level 15 up (75%) to 3 x week
3. Dragonskin Armor (AT14, +30DB, encumber as AT3, case Shield once a day)

1. Metal Shield – 15DB, able to block 2 attack every other round
2. Metal Armor (AT 18, +20DB, +50 transcend armor, encumber as AT 1)
3. Spear – (
25 mithel spear of returning)

1. Silver Basin (1 ft long) – able to transform into a bathtub once a day and the water can be change to any temperature
2. 7 potions of any Level 20 spell ( to be determine by Thrax)

1. Helm of two faces – wearier can see invisible object as a see invisible spell; +20 to reverse stroke maneuver, -15 to all influence maneuver

1. Robe of Kazlauskas – (AT 4, +30DB, Stun Relief I works consciously and unconsciously) (Able to case once a day – Stun Relief III, Cut Repair I, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Protection II, Ice Bolt, Ache-sorcery spell, Shield)
2. Essence Ring – PP Ring x 3

1. Great Elven Blade Falchion – (+20OB, Holy, x2 concussion hit, +10 against all elemental attacks, +10 RR to all evil spell caster)

1. Broadrack arms – (Companion pg. 40) (+15 magical, stun critical at 2 level)

Unclaimed and to be divided later on.
1. Pair of Falchion – 25OB, +10DB)
2. Vinuk Herb x 5 (Stun relief up to 5 rounds)
3. Metal Armor (AT 16, +30DB, +40 to transcend armor, encumber as AT 3)
4. Reyk Herb x 17 (Heal 20)
5. Garig Herb x 18 (Heal 30)
6. Leather Shield (
7. Zulsandera Herb x 4 – (Haste x 3 rounds)

Harper's Dream
Goddess visit

After a long battle and exhausting work in tending his allies wound, Harper finally got a chance rest. Delighted with his work and devotion to the church, his goddess appears in his dream and rewarded Harper with the answers to any 3 questions he may seek.

Harper is thrilled his goddess recognize the work that he does and start to ponder what three questions to ask. After giving some thoughts, he asked the following questions:

(1) Where is the Wyvern Crown? The goddess replied: “It is located at the frozen island of Aalk Athimurl”. There are 6 crowns in the realm: Phoenix, Sea Drake, Griffin, Wyvern, Unicorn, and Pegasus. These 6 crowns have their own combination of pendant and sword. The Sea Drake crown was confirmed to be located within the hoard of the red dragon. The Griffin crown and pendant are located in Griffin college.

(2) Where is Andraax? The goddess replied: “You have already met him and he was dressed as a beggar. He has 6 fingers and her is his possible next three appearances. Perhaps you should pay a visit to Andraax tomb.” Maybe Andraax faked his own death?

(3) Why don’t we give the crown to the owner? The goddess replied: “Each crown has a defined boundary for its owner. If all 6 crowns were worn, then technically, there wouldn’t be a war for boundary because the crown binds the owner to their own land. The Griffin college was able to modify the Griffin crown to redefine the its boundary to the college. Please do not give the crown to its owner unless you speak with Andraax first.”

Field of Izlal

After Raelasu’s defeat, his armies are routed and Haidic and Elven forces overrun their position. Thrax, Aerendy, and Darko examine the corpse of Raelasu. Darko pokes it with his sword. Raelasu’s armor is designed to make him look like a demon. Harper is busy healing the wounded on the battlefield.

The party finds a bunch of items on Raelasu. Darko receives a Band of the Master, Wadlron receives a Quiver of Spears.

Darko and Aerendy use her air wing to scout while Tolen leads our armies and positions for the siege.

The party meets with the Elven Queen, Elven King and representatives from the Haidic tribes. Darko uses facades to create a scene of the battlefield to discuss tactics for the upcoming siege. We all decide to have the King and Queen create a diversion while the party sneaks into the mountain fortress.

That night, strange acid spitting creatures appear on the front lines. The party rushes on horseback to help.

SONG: Harper the Slayer

Mages have you ever met the Harperman before
No, of course you haven’t for you’re much too good, I’m sure;
You will be afraid of death if he should visit You,
He’s a great big killer, so I’ll tell you what to do

Hush, hush, hush, here comes the Harperman,
Don’t let him come close to You, he’ll catch you if he can.
Just pretend that you’re a rotting corpse
And you will find that Harperman will take another course.

Say Shoo Shoo and hide under the floor
Harperman will find another mage for him to gore
Say Hoo Hoo just like the owl’s song
Harperman will think you are a birdy all along

Hush, hush, hush, here comes the Harperman

(Flute Solo)

Tell him you’ve got soldiers in your bed
For he will never guess that they are only in your head

Say Hush Hush, he’ll think that you’re asleep
If you make a lovely snore away he’ll softly creep
Sing this tune you travelers one and all
So Harperman may turn away,and we can drink alllll night!

Quellburn, City of the Dead, part 2

In our second foray into Quellburn, we decided to go to the armory, one of the few intact buildings left in the rubble. Along the way Tolen had to deal with the ghost of a little old lady.

The doors to the armory were locked shut but Folgra was able to figure out the locking mechanism to get us in. Once inside, we were greeted by a Fire Phantom which Brindarn dispatched with one hit. The armory didn’t hold anything we were looking for, but we did find loads of weapons and armor. The party decided that these items would be a useful upgrade for the defenders of Kelfour’s Landing, so we spent the rest of the day moving the gear to our camping spot. We also found some interesting signaling arrows that we plan to bring back to Saralis to see if they could replicate them.

On the third day, the party decided to head towards the Citadel where the governing mages once lived. We first explored the entrance building. The building seemed to serve as some kind of administrator building as we found a throne room, a conference room, and some kind of defense planning room. We also found the records room which contains lots of useful information, that is, if you’re a historian. Aerendy demanded we recover the books.

More importantly, we found the treasure room. There was some gold and some magical items but the real prize was the Wyvern Sword. Darko was able to hold and communicate with the ancient weapon. He said we had to return it to Lord Jarrok as soon as possible.

Looking over some of the found documents, we suspect that a person named Zenon may have had something to do with the fall of Quellburn.


Tolen felt that the best way to deal with the little old lady ghost was to strike her with his Gryphon sword in the groin… TWICE!. It didn’t prove very effective and Darko had to help him dispose of the little old lady.

Quellburn, City of the Dead, part 1

Aerendy had to use her flying disc to get the members of the party up the plateau just to get to the gates of Quellburn. Aerendy also gave us a history lesson regarding Quellburn. It was founded by Zories and was once the largest city in Quellbourne with many thousands of inhabitants. It was ruled by 12 mages.

We chose to go through the opening in the walls instead of the main gates. Inside, we found the ruins of Quellburn which were, for lack of a better word, ruined. Few structures were left standing and after some quick discussion, we agree to seek out the building that housed the 12 rulers of Quellburn for our search.

But before we reach our destination, the party gets attacked by Trolls with giant boulders. Lucky for us, no one was hit by the flying boulders. However, we still had to deal with the ten angry mountain trolls charging us.

The trolls turned out to be much tougher than anticipated. As Thrax and Harper quickly found out, the trolls were highly resistant to elemental damage. It took a long time just to bring one down. Tolen and Darko in particular had a tough time doing damage. Harper did a great job keeping everyone in fighting condition. Thrax “calmed” three trolls, taking them out of the fight. Eventually, we were able to overpower the trolls.

We agreed to rest up before continuing our exploration.

Journey to the Undead City, part 2

Field report by Thrax,


Thrax and Darko were hurt very badly and it took Harper and Tolen quite a long time to fully heal them. They even had to enlist the help of Raun! Meanwhile, the rest of the party made sure to prepare the prisoner we acquired for interrogation.

With a mind alteration spell from Arrendy, we learned that the enemy were Blue Star knights sent by the Priests of Gaath to try to kill us. They are from the lands of Xa’ar which is just west of Quellbourne. Arrendy explained to everyone that the Priests of Gaath are servants of the Unlife. We also learned that the mysterious snipers were dark elf rangers but the prisoner did not know how to locate them.

For the rest of the trip, the party masqueraded as a group of priests and nuns. It was not fun for anyone. Thrax had to be a pious priest. Tolen had to come to grips with avoiding confrontation. Darko and Harper had to dress up as nuns!

But it worked and the party was not attacked by the snipers anymore.

Journey to the Undead City

Field report by Thrax,

Kelfour’s Landing

After a good rest, the party returned to Kelfour’s Landing to reunite families with their missing loved ones.

At a large festival thrown in jubilation of the Ice Kral’s defeat, Thrax made a public speech. In the name of Saralis, Thrax offered to return the loot found in Tralkinaark’est to their rightful owners. Thrax also warned of more powerful forces that threaten the people of Kelfour’s Landing and that only with the help of Saralis could the people of Quellborne hope to survive. This is to prepare Quellborne for annexation by Saralis in the near future.

After much discussion, the party agreed to go to Quellburn, the undead city to search for clues of the whereabouts of the Wyvern artifacts. We had avoided the undead city the first time we were in Quellborne, but we did not have a strong paladin at our side back then.

The journey would take about 25 days. Along the way, the Party is attacked by Longbowmen snipers who attack from cover and quickly disappear. We believed that Folgra was the main focus of their attacks.

One night, while we rested, our camp was attacked while Folgra, Arrendy, and Thrax were on watch. The attackers tried to escape but Folgra, Arrendy and Brindarn pursued them into the darkness.

Communications were quickly lost. Thrax and Darko feared the worst and sought to find their missing friends. Wanting to rescue his friends, Darko rode his horse bravely into the night with Thrax in tow.

While invisible, Folgra, Arrendy, and Brindarn tracked the attackers to their ambush location just in time for the arrival of Darko and Thrax who promptly got ambushed by mysterious men in heavy armor. Darko and Thrax found themselves in grave danger.

Folgra, Arrendy, and Brindarn came out of invisibility and saved Darko and Thrax, but the fight proved quite difficult until Tolen and Harper showed up to sway the balance in our favor.

Still, the sneaky Longbowmen were nowhere to be found.


The Ice Kral, part 5
Adventures in Quellbourne again - The Ice Kral

Field report by Thrax,

Tralkinaark’est, main base of operations of the Ice Kral

Ice Kral body parts are sent flying off the walls of Tralkinaark’est. Darko’s, Brindarn’s and Tolen’s squads hold off the Ice Kral, causing many casualties. Some of the Ice Kral begin to panic and a few units fall into disorder.

Thrax’s men held strong, while Tolen and Darko keep their men from breaking as best they can.

Darko and Brindarn worked together to hold off the Ice Kral trying to climb the walls. Both manage to slay many Ice Kral while keeping their men in high spirits.

Down to just 13 men, Tolen fights the only way he knows how – with his Gryphon sword. He commanded his remaining men to stand aside, while he took on the Ice Kral alone. Tolen slayed the last 14 Ice Kral who dared to challenge him slowly and methodically. After killing the final one, Tolen collasped and had to be carried off the field of battle by his men.

In the aftermath, there were a total of 114 casualties among the freed slaves. Thanks to Harper’s expertise, 85 were able to fully recover, leaving only 9 maimed and 20 deaths.

Afterwards, Darko makes a speech in the medical center where he can find the biggest audience.


The Ice Kral, part 4
Adventures in Quellbourne again - The Ice Kral

Field report by Thrax,

Tralkinaark’est, main base of operations of the Ice Kral

Darko held his hand high in the air and proclaimed freedom for all the inhabitants of Tralkinaark’est. There was much rejoicing. Maybe a little too much rejoicing. Tolen and Brindarn had to put a stop to the retaliation slayings and looting of the food storages.

In a town hall meeting, Tolen and Darko listened to the voices of the newly emancipated slaves and took their warnings into account. Kenent (sp?), was seen as a leader amongst the slaves and spoke for them. Tolen and Darko learned that the remaining Ice Kral were very likely going to assemble for a counter attack. Tolen and Darko reassured the people that they would stand by them.

The treasury was inspected and a lot of valuable loot was found. Aerendy found some ancient tombs that had been used for kindling. Aerendy was put in charge of transporting the books back to Saralis for further study. Also found were many items that originated from Quellburn, the undead city. These items were dated to be over 200 years old, about the time Quellburn fell to mysterious forces.

Folgra and Harper searched for possible secret entrances that the Ice Kral could use, but did not find any. Aerendy was sent to fetch the crew of the ship that brought the adventurers to the Ice Kral homeland.

Two days past while Tolen organized the defense of Tralkinaark’est. Dwarves found amongst the slaves prepared the ballistas for use. Harper used his magic to place barrier pits strategically in front of the Great Gates and towers of Tralkinaark’est. Due to his charisma and leadership, many slaves were willing to follow Thrax into battle so he was placed in charge of a hundred defenders to be stationed above the Great Gates. They would be backed up by Brindarn as his fifty men right behind the Great Gates. Also, Tolen and Darko each commanded a squad of 50 men and protected the flanks.

The battle begun with no less than 500 Ice Kral, led by warfarers, marching from the sea port to retake their city. Volleys of crossbow bolts were exchanged while the Ice Kral began their assault on the city. Harper rushed to the aid of the fallen, keeping casualties to a minimum.

When the Ice Kral reached the walls, Harper unleashed more barrier pits, sinking nearly a hundred Ice Kral into the depths of the earth, trapping them, if not killing them.

With the entire front side of the city surrounded by barrier pits and Thrax’s men holding strong, the Ice Kral moved to the flanks before trying to grapple hook their way up the wall. There, they were met by Tolen’s and Darko’s men in fierce combat. Tolen and Darko led by example, slaying Ice Kral in melee combat as they reached the the top of the walls.

To be continued…


The blaster rifles were finally put to effective use in the hands of a couple sharpshooting defenders. They used the blasters’ long range to hit Ice Kral as they were marching towards the city.

Thrax’s Journal: It’s cold here. The food is pretty drab. The King’s bed isn’t comfortable. Worst palace ever! Can’t wait to go home. Aerendy doesn’t seem to mind the cold. I think her heart is made of ice. Need to look into that. Harper seems more lively than usual. He’s up to something.

The men under my command seem very willing to die for their freedom. My wisdom says to me that those willing to die usually end up dead. But I don’t tell them that. I have my escape plan ready, but I’m confident that we’ll win this next battle.

In my next meditation, I’m going to try to imagine myself in a warm place like the beach on a sunny day. Yes, that sounds nice.


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