Quest for the Crowns

Field of Izlal

After Raelasu’s defeat, his armies are routed and Haidic and Elven forces overrun their position. Thrax, Aerendy, and Darko examine the corpse of Raelasu. Darko pokes it with his sword. Raelasu’s armor is designed to make him look like a demon. Harper is busy healing the wounded on the battlefield.

The party finds a bunch of items on Raelasu. Darko receives a Band of the Master, Wadlron receives a Quiver of Spears.

Darko and Aerendy use her air wing to scout while Tolen leads our armies and positions for the siege.

The party meets with the Elven Queen, Elven King and representatives from the Haidic tribes. Darko uses facades to create a scene of the battlefield to discuss tactics for the upcoming siege. We all decide to have the King and Queen create a diversion while the party sneaks into the mountain fortress.

That night, strange acid spitting creatures appear on the front lines. The party rushes on horseback to help.



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