Quest for the Crowns

Harper's Dream

Goddess visit

After a long battle and exhausting work in tending his allies wound, Harper finally got a chance rest. Delighted with his work and devotion to the church, his goddess appears in his dream and rewarded Harper with the answers to any 3 questions he may seek.

Harper is thrilled his goddess recognize the work that he does and start to ponder what three questions to ask. After giving some thoughts, he asked the following questions:

(1) Where is the Wyvern Crown? The goddess replied: “It is located at the frozen island of Aalk Athimurl”. There are 6 crowns in the realm: Phoenix, Sea Drake, Griffin, Wyvern, Unicorn, and Pegasus. These 6 crowns have their own combination of pendant and sword. The Sea Drake crown was confirmed to be located within the hoard of the red dragon. The Griffin crown and pendant are located in Griffin college.

(2) Where is Andraax? The goddess replied: “You have already met him and he was dressed as a beggar. He has 6 fingers and her is his possible next three appearances. Perhaps you should pay a visit to Andraax tomb.” Maybe Andraax faked his own death?

(3) Why don’t we give the crown to the owner? The goddess replied: “Each crown has a defined boundary for its owner. If all 6 crowns were worn, then technically, there wouldn’t be a war for boundary because the crown binds the owner to their own land. The Griffin college was able to modify the Griffin crown to redefine the its boundary to the college. Please do not give the crown to its owner unless you speak with Andraax first.”


+1000 XP

Harper's Dream

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