Quest for the Crowns

Journey to the Undead City

Field report by Thrax,

Kelfour’s Landing

After a good rest, the party returned to Kelfour’s Landing to reunite families with their missing loved ones.

At a large festival thrown in jubilation of the Ice Kral’s defeat, Thrax made a public speech. In the name of Saralis, Thrax offered to return the loot found in Tralkinaark’est to their rightful owners. Thrax also warned of more powerful forces that threaten the people of Kelfour’s Landing and that only with the help of Saralis could the people of Quellborne hope to survive. This is to prepare Quellborne for annexation by Saralis in the near future.

After much discussion, the party agreed to go to Quellburn, the undead city to search for clues of the whereabouts of the Wyvern artifacts. We had avoided the undead city the first time we were in Quellborne, but we did not have a strong paladin at our side back then.

The journey would take about 25 days. Along the way, the Party is attacked by Longbowmen snipers who attack from cover and quickly disappear. We believed that Folgra was the main focus of their attacks.

One night, while we rested, our camp was attacked while Folgra, Arrendy, and Thrax were on watch. The attackers tried to escape but Folgra, Arrendy and Brindarn pursued them into the darkness.

Communications were quickly lost. Thrax and Darko feared the worst and sought to find their missing friends. Wanting to rescue his friends, Darko rode his horse bravely into the night with Thrax in tow.

While invisible, Folgra, Arrendy, and Brindarn tracked the attackers to their ambush location just in time for the arrival of Darko and Thrax who promptly got ambushed by mysterious men in heavy armor. Darko and Thrax found themselves in grave danger.

Folgra, Arrendy, and Brindarn came out of invisibility and saved Darko and Thrax, but the fight proved quite difficult until Tolen and Harper showed up to sway the balance in our favor.

Still, the sneaky Longbowmen were nowhere to be found.




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