Quest for the Crowns

Journey to the Undead City, part 2

Field report by Thrax,


Thrax and Darko were hurt very badly and it took Harper and Tolen quite a long time to fully heal them. They even had to enlist the help of Raun! Meanwhile, the rest of the party made sure to prepare the prisoner we acquired for interrogation.

With a mind alteration spell from Arrendy, we learned that the enemy were Blue Star knights sent by the Priests of Gaath to try to kill us. They are from the lands of Xa’ar which is just west of Quellbourne. Arrendy explained to everyone that the Priests of Gaath are servants of the Unlife. We also learned that the mysterious snipers were dark elf rangers but the prisoner did not know how to locate them.

For the rest of the trip, the party masqueraded as a group of priests and nuns. It was not fun for anyone. Thrax had to be a pious priest. Tolen had to come to grips with avoiding confrontation. Darko and Harper had to dress up as nuns!

But it worked and the party was not attacked by the snipers anymore.



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