Quest for the Crowns

Quellburn, City of the Dead, part 1

Aerendy had to use her flying disc to get the members of the party up the plateau just to get to the gates of Quellburn. Aerendy also gave us a history lesson regarding Quellburn. It was founded by Zories and was once the largest city in Quellbourne with many thousands of inhabitants. It was ruled by 12 mages.

We chose to go through the opening in the walls instead of the main gates. Inside, we found the ruins of Quellburn which were, for lack of a better word, ruined. Few structures were left standing and after some quick discussion, we agree to seek out the building that housed the 12 rulers of Quellburn for our search.

But before we reach our destination, the party gets attacked by Trolls with giant boulders. Lucky for us, no one was hit by the flying boulders. However, we still had to deal with the ten angry mountain trolls charging us.

The trolls turned out to be much tougher than anticipated. As Thrax and Harper quickly found out, the trolls were highly resistant to elemental damage. It took a long time just to bring one down. Tolen and Darko in particular had a tough time doing damage. Harper did a great job keeping everyone in fighting condition. Thrax “calmed” three trolls, taking them out of the fight. Eventually, we were able to overpower the trolls.

We agreed to rest up before continuing our exploration.



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