Quest for the Crowns

Quellburn, City of the Dead, part 2

In our second foray into Quellburn, we decided to go to the armory, one of the few intact buildings left in the rubble. Along the way Tolen had to deal with the ghost of a little old lady.

The doors to the armory were locked shut but Folgra was able to figure out the locking mechanism to get us in. Once inside, we were greeted by a Fire Phantom which Brindarn dispatched with one hit. The armory didn’t hold anything we were looking for, but we did find loads of weapons and armor. The party decided that these items would be a useful upgrade for the defenders of Kelfour’s Landing, so we spent the rest of the day moving the gear to our camping spot. We also found some interesting signaling arrows that we plan to bring back to Saralis to see if they could replicate them.

On the third day, the party decided to head towards the Citadel where the governing mages once lived. We first explored the entrance building. The building seemed to serve as some kind of administrator building as we found a throne room, a conference room, and some kind of defense planning room. We also found the records room which contains lots of useful information, that is, if you’re a historian. Aerendy demanded we recover the books.

More importantly, we found the treasure room. There was some gold and some magical items but the real prize was the Wyvern Sword. Darko was able to hold and communicate with the ancient weapon. He said we had to return it to Lord Jarrok as soon as possible.

Looking over some of the found documents, we suspect that a person named Zenon may have had something to do with the fall of Quellburn.


Tolen felt that the best way to deal with the little old lady ghost was to strike her with his Gryphon sword in the groin… TWICE!. It didn’t prove very effective and Darko had to help him dispose of the little old lady.



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