Quest for the Crowns

The Ice Kral, part 4

Adventures in Quellbourne again - The Ice Kral

Field report by Thrax,

Tralkinaark’est, main base of operations of the Ice Kral

Darko held his hand high in the air and proclaimed freedom for all the inhabitants of Tralkinaark’est. There was much rejoicing. Maybe a little too much rejoicing. Tolen and Brindarn had to put a stop to the retaliation slayings and looting of the food storages.

In a town hall meeting, Tolen and Darko listened to the voices of the newly emancipated slaves and took their warnings into account. Kenent (sp?), was seen as a leader amongst the slaves and spoke for them. Tolen and Darko learned that the remaining Ice Kral were very likely going to assemble for a counter attack. Tolen and Darko reassured the people that they would stand by them.

The treasury was inspected and a lot of valuable loot was found. Aerendy found some ancient tombs that had been used for kindling. Aerendy was put in charge of transporting the books back to Saralis for further study. Also found were many items that originated from Quellburn, the undead city. These items were dated to be over 200 years old, about the time Quellburn fell to mysterious forces.

Folgra and Harper searched for possible secret entrances that the Ice Kral could use, but did not find any. Aerendy was sent to fetch the crew of the ship that brought the adventurers to the Ice Kral homeland.

Two days past while Tolen organized the defense of Tralkinaark’est. Dwarves found amongst the slaves prepared the ballistas for use. Harper used his magic to place barrier pits strategically in front of the Great Gates and towers of Tralkinaark’est. Due to his charisma and leadership, many slaves were willing to follow Thrax into battle so he was placed in charge of a hundred defenders to be stationed above the Great Gates. They would be backed up by Brindarn as his fifty men right behind the Great Gates. Also, Tolen and Darko each commanded a squad of 50 men and protected the flanks.

The battle begun with no less than 500 Ice Kral, led by warfarers, marching from the sea port to retake their city. Volleys of crossbow bolts were exchanged while the Ice Kral began their assault on the city. Harper rushed to the aid of the fallen, keeping casualties to a minimum.

When the Ice Kral reached the walls, Harper unleashed more barrier pits, sinking nearly a hundred Ice Kral into the depths of the earth, trapping them, if not killing them.

With the entire front side of the city surrounded by barrier pits and Thrax’s men holding strong, the Ice Kral moved to the flanks before trying to grapple hook their way up the wall. There, they were met by Tolen’s and Darko’s men in fierce combat. Tolen and Darko led by example, slaying Ice Kral in melee combat as they reached the the top of the walls.

To be continued…


The blaster rifles were finally put to effective use in the hands of a couple sharpshooting defenders. They used the blasters’ long range to hit Ice Kral as they were marching towards the city.

Thrax’s Journal: It’s cold here. The food is pretty drab. The King’s bed isn’t comfortable. Worst palace ever! Can’t wait to go home. Aerendy doesn’t seem to mind the cold. I think her heart is made of ice. Need to look into that. Harper seems more lively than usual. He’s up to something.

The men under my command seem very willing to die for their freedom. My wisdom says to me that those willing to die usually end up dead. But I don’t tell them that. I have my escape plan ready, but I’m confident that we’ll win this next battle.

In my next meditation, I’m going to try to imagine myself in a warm place like the beach on a sunny day. Yes, that sounds nice.



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