Quest for the Crowns

The Ice Kral, part 5

Adventures in Quellbourne again - The Ice Kral

Field report by Thrax,

Tralkinaark’est, main base of operations of the Ice Kral

Ice Kral body parts are sent flying off the walls of Tralkinaark’est. Darko’s, Brindarn’s and Tolen’s squads hold off the Ice Kral, causing many casualties. Some of the Ice Kral begin to panic and a few units fall into disorder.

Thrax’s men held strong, while Tolen and Darko keep their men from breaking as best they can.

Darko and Brindarn worked together to hold off the Ice Kral trying to climb the walls. Both manage to slay many Ice Kral while keeping their men in high spirits.

Down to just 13 men, Tolen fights the only way he knows how – with his Gryphon sword. He commanded his remaining men to stand aside, while he took on the Ice Kral alone. Tolen slayed the last 14 Ice Kral who dared to challenge him slowly and methodically. After killing the final one, Tolen collasped and had to be carried off the field of battle by his men.

In the aftermath, there were a total of 114 casualties among the freed slaves. Thanks to Harper’s expertise, 85 were able to fully recover, leaving only 9 maimed and 20 deaths.

Afterwards, Darko makes a speech in the medical center where he can find the biggest audience.




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