Look up "Barbarian" in the dictionary and you will see a picture Artest.


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Freakishly handsome



Retired from the party, Artest was once the offensive focal point of the team. When we first started our campaign, Artest’s battleaxe was often the only thing keeping everyone from re-rolling characters. Since those days, the party has gotten stronger and enemies became more complex. Artest’s one dimensional ax became less and less important. Due to scheduling conflicts with the guy who played him, Artest left the group for new adventures.

What we do know about Artest is very little. An original member of the group, he was hired in as a bodyguard to Harper. He enjoys fighting, interrogating, and light torture. He does little else.

- He constantly suggests joining the enemy.

- He might have done that since leaving the group. So it’ll be no surprise if we meet him again.

- He’s a great scout. Sadly, he rarely does it.

- He once “accidentally” killed a man in a bar fight.

- Before Rawn joined the group, Artest suggested killing him.


The party reunited briefly with our dear friend recently at a sacred assembly of the Haidic people. We were sent by the Elven queen to infiltrate and determine the extent of corruption among these barbaric tribes by the Unlife and Dragonlord. Coincidentally, Artest was one of the agents sent by the Dragon lord to the meeting. Of course we did what anybody would do upon seeing an old friend: we beat him to the brink of unconsciousness and interrogated him. We don’t really know what happened to him afterwards though. We sort of lost interest once we had him at our mercy. I’m sure we’re destined to see him again though.


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