The shape-changing bounty hunter


Level 11 Bounty hunter
Level 20 ginger
Pure fighter



Brindarn was one of the first NPCs to join our campaign. Much to the chagrin of Darko, he’s since become a permanent member. Thanks to Brindarn’s trapping skills, the party has been able to travel through many leagues of wildlands and loot countless(5) dungeons with relative safety. In addition, Brindarn is also a hard working fighter in battle- fearless to go into any skirmish, no matter the danger. He is the silent watcher that guards us all. Naturally, nobody has ever bothered to ask him anything more that what his name is.

- Brindarn is a ginger.

- Gingers are proven to be evil

- He has the ability to morph into a bear

- He mumbles every now and then about being nobility. Nobody listens.

- He hates nature


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