Grey fur and flourescent blue eyes suggest the frigid nature of this hound. It is very sure footed on snow and ice with no maneuver penalties. Can operate in daylight or at night, and blends in with his base environment (+50 to stalking/hiding).

Uses cold breath, cone with 50’ length and 30’ base.
Uses ice breath, 50’ range.
Immune to cold effects.
Take double damage from fire.


This zephyr hound belongs to Aerendy. Loyal and extremely protective, this familiar often guards the more “squishy” characters during fights. He answers to “Brutus” and “feeding time.”

Excerpt from Darko’s journal:

Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good dog?! You are. You’re the good dog! Woogywoogywoo. Woogywoogywoooo. Yeah. you like being scratched behind the ear don’t you? Yeaaaaah! Woogywoogywoo. Woogywoogywoooo!!!!!


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