The Elven King of Tar-Doriath


Many of his subjects call him the reluctant king: more at ease with scholars and books, maps and scrolls. But when roused, he embraces his responsibilities and does not shirk his duty to his people. His wrath is like a thunderstorm, a hurricane — both inspiring and terrifying.

His mind is like a subtle clockwork — always refining, always experimenting. The magic of elements is his calling, though wind and spark are his birthright.


High Elves are not normally called ‘unassuming,’ but that is the first word in your mind as you meet Lord Galendil of Tar-Doriath. He waves away your bow and steps down from the throne to engage you in conversation. You stroll through the gardens, and the sky gleams blue overhead. His demeanor is easy — and green eyes flash with gentle humor.

But when you deliver news of the growing stain upon Lu’Nak, his brow darkens and he grows quiet. His questions are astute, piercing to the heart of the matter. You notice the gleam of sunlight on the flowers grows dim. You look up to see the once-clear sky turn brooding and gray.

Was it the heavens that shifted so quickly? Or was it the King’s mood?



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