Healer. Emissary of the Elves. Crusher of enemies. Mage Slayer



Eye Staff
Finely Made Leather Jerkin
Mithril Circlet
Healing Gauntlets of Skal
Aquamarine Bracelet
Band of Purity
Crystal Storm Hound
Ring of Medicine

From the Journal of Darko:

“This Grey Elf is bad news.

From an outsider’s point of view, Harper seems to be just another suave, sexy elf with impeccable grammar. But those who know him see him for the prolific healer and powerful ally he is.

What sets him apart is his selflessness. For his healing to take effect, he must take on the injuries and sicknesses of his patient. Whatever we feel, he feels altogether. One can only imagine the depths of pain he has endured.

Through all the healing and injuries, Harper still finds other ways to contribute to the cause. He is a well known legend throughout the land as a slayer of evil magic. By his staff and guile, he may have the highest kills count of the whole party.

This guy is a walking MVP. I write this because I believe it… not because of the plasma bolt staff that Harper has pointing at my groin at the moment…"



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