Kier Ianis

Prince of Helyssa


I am a king without a kingdom, but I swear upon my very blood that I shall see my father, my people, avenged on the cursed Priest of Yarth.”
— Kier Ianis

He’s a boy, and doesn’t know what he’s really asking for.
— Brindarn

Prince Kier has fled his kingdom of Helyssa with Priest of Yarth hot on his heels. His father was killed, and he was nearly assassinated along with him. The Prince is now in hiding at the Gryphon College, waiting to return to his homeland.

He has asked the party to retrieve the Sea Drake Crown, Pendant, and Sword for him. Kier believes that only with these artifacts can he regain not only the province of Helyssa, but all of U-Lyshak as well.

Kier has loaned Thrax the Sea Drake Pendant, as a reward for daring to enter the Tower of Yarthraak and stealing it from the High Priest.


Kier Ianis

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