Lady Hestaby



Given to Thrax from the elves of the blue forest as a gift for saving their queen. Lady Hestaby performs scouting and reconnaissance missions for the party. She is very stealthy and friendly. More recently, Darko and Aerendy have started a secret campaign to fatten up Lady Hestaby with their obscenely delicious ice-cream. Due to Thax’s lethargy, Lady Hestaby has become the first obese elven owl.

Update: Hestaby has since slimmed down and is now living a much healthier life. Sometime ago, this bird brain saved the whole party by scratching a demon to death.

From the Journal of Darko:

“Honeyed Owl


1 whole (elven) owl for roasting
olive oil/butter (~1 Tbs)

1/2 cup apple wine
1/3 cup honey
Dash of mint, dried or fresh (abt. 1 tsp.)
Small handful of raisins
~1 Tbs. butter

Rub the owl down with olive oil/butter and salt. This makes the skin crispy and delicious. Cook over a fire for approximately two hours, or until the juices run clear, and the thick meat of the breast is no longer pink.

While your owl is roasting away, combine all ingredients in a pan and allow to simmer until the raisins plump and the sauce reduces slightly. Remove from heat, and when the owl is done, spread the sauce and raisins over the bird."

Lady Hestaby

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