Elven Queen of Tar-Doriath


“We live through the centuries, caught now between the hammer and the anvil. Soon, all paths will be blocked to us. Yet I will not surrender.”

Should you catch a glimpse of an Elf Huntress in the wood — you see a tall, raven-haired woman with sword and bow, accompanied by a huge hound. She’s clad in dark greens and browns, garments that seem to fade into the foliage and stone. Of course, that glimpse you catch is only because she allows you; and also because she’s decided to let you live. For the woods are her domain, and nothing passes through Lunak that she does not know of.

On the field of battle she strides before the fray, in shining golden armor licked by flame. Her helm is tall, and set upon it is a ruby jewel that pulses with life, shining, shimmering, white hot. Her sword bursts into flame, flames surrounds her; and you realize that she commands the fire. With a mere thought, fiery death is sent hurtling through the air, and the conflagration flickers and dances, ready to obey.

Is this the same woman that dwelt in the cool forest? As you approach her hidden throne, her grey eyes flicker in amusement as you try to reconcile the contradictions.



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