Queen of Saralis


“The future will be built by those who dare, who burst free of the shackles of the past, and light the forge themselves.”

The woman is beautiful, moving like a dancer in her flowing robes, easily bestowing smiles on those in her presence. And yet… and yet when her piercing gaze fixes upon you, it takes all of your willpower to stand your ground, to meet her eyes. She assesses, calculates, and you hope that you are found to be worthy. But the moment is brief, and now she is leaning forward, speaking easily, in confidence, and you glimpse the sweeping vision she inspires.



Children in the noble houses seldom concerned themselves with history, preferring to either play war or order servants around. But Wrayburn of Alesia was different. When her tutor told her about Saralis of Old, she devoured every tale, every map. Why wasn’t there a king on the Wyvern Throne, she asked? Not for four thousand years, her tutor said.

“Well why not me?” she asked herself, and thus set her life upon its path.

Inheriting the rule of the province of Alesia was a good start. Through canny diplomacy and expert economic policy, she earned the fealty of the lords of smaller provinces around her. Knowing that no great thing could be done without gold in her coffers, she nurtured the merchant class, and sent emissaries over the Saral March, to make trade with Dwarves and expand her influence into Quellbourne.

A secret marriage with Jarrok of Briston sealed her influence over all of northern Saralis. Once their child was born, they could hide their alliance no longer. Damos Hurizon III, who controlled much of the South of Saralis, declared war on them. But Wrayburn and Jarrok were well prepared, and prevailed.

Now there is a Queen in Saralis, and all of Wrayburn’s considerable skills are directed to keeping Saralis united for another four thousand years.


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