I am a real boy!


Rawn has an uncanny ability to get along with animals. He is Tolen’s squire, and also responsible for handling the party’s horses as they travel. Rawn will occasionally participate in combat with the party, and has proven himself a brave (if still young and unskilled) party member.

Rawn is 13 years old.


Years ago, the party performed a recon mission to kidnap a traitor king. Upon leaving the castle, they realized a small stable boy was in danger and kidnapped him too. We’ve since raised him to become a strong, good-hearted boy with amazing oil-wrestling abilities. Rawn is now the squire of Tolen.

Oh wow. I wish I could tell you but I think it’s best you ask Thrax what happened…What’s important is that Rawn is safe now…..he’s safe now..


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