The truth is an excuse for a lack of imagination.


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Member of House Owainshield.

A master of persuasion, Thrax has spent a lifetime convincing others, particularly the women, of his greatness. However, Thrax failed to anticipate word of his deeds spreading far and wide. His lack of foresight led to him being “drafted” by Jarrok to perform dangerous tasks that could only be done by the best and brightest in the kingdom. Not one to ever admit the truth, Thrax finds himself on an adventure of a lifetime with allies that he hopes can save him from certain failure.

Speech Thrax gives at parties, festivals, and gatherings:

“Not too long ago, my good friend Lord Jarrok asked me to save his kingdom. Given my history, I thought it would be an easy task so I accepted. But when I saw my new companions, I knew I had a big job ahead of me. My companions were a motly crew with few abilities and next to no training. More than anything, they had no discipline whatsoever. Now I’ve accomplished many great things in my youth, but even I had to question my ability to teach Folgra how to disarm traps, Artest how to fight, and Darko how to be brave. Hey, two out of three ain’t bad! But not only that, I had to teach my companions how to be generous towards the less fortunate and how to stay humble when praised. Every life Harper saves, every foul beast Tolen slays, every spell Aerendy casts, I say unto the world, “your welcome!”

“I know my companions give me little credit. But a leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” —Thrax

Where’s Thrax? Aye, when the orcs came, I saw him jump down into the town well. He’s probably still there.”
— Brindarn

The only thing Thrax ever succeeded at, was convincing others he was not a failure.” — Harper


Sea Drake Pendant
Headband of Calmire
Presence Earrings
Sword of The Mage
Belt of The Master
Magical Change Pouch
Andraax’s Ring
Ring of Friend vs. Foe
Gauntlets of Marnok
Blaster Rifle
Weightless Breastplate
Dagger of Slaying
Scrolls, spell books, Key of Andrax, Prince Kier’s Signet Ring, fine silk robe, ring +1 spell adder, flask of fine brandy, magical quill, journal, Neutralize Curse scroll, dragon tooth, pint of neverending Dwarven ale in a horn, warm clothes, scabbard, shoulder bag, boots.


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