Horse says "Nay"


This war horse on steroids was given to Tolen by the elves for his success in battle and goodness of heart. Under Tolen, this horse becomes a dangerous battering ram than runs over everyone. Loyal, strong, and highly intelligent, this horse is considered both an asset and a friend by everyone in the party.

Excerpt from Darko’s Journal-

_"Ok. This horse is great. It’s saved lives and kicked major arse. But sitting on this horse’s back is enough mythril to afford two armies, a giant dance hall, and enough wine and ale to have them dance battle each other for a whole year! A WHOLE YEAR!

Which leads me to ponder: why do people wear mythril into battle? It’s super protective and all but so is iron. And even the most well made enchanted iron armor will be worth a fraction of a mythril nipple ring. What I’m trying to say is that mythril’s worth in buying power supersedes its worth in protection.

We should really think about selling this mythril and funding this epic dance battle. Nobody wants to see a horse with mythril armor but everybody wants to see a dance war.

God I’m drunk.

- Darko"_

“Tortunic is such a feast for the eyes! Tolen, you should ride your majestic Tortunic through the most destitute part of town to bring joy and happiness to the poor, malnourished children.”


Tolen loves this horse.


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