Gryphon Sword


This sword is of a keron alloy with delicate inlay of intertwined green and blue. The guard is designed to resemble a pair of spread wings, and the hilt is a scaled claw, the end of which holds a shimmering green orb. Of the Earth, it as powers related to that element.

1. +35 OB; x2 hits
2. Delivers an Internal Disruption critical in addition to any other
3. Is capable of one of the following per week (10 days):
#a Undoor True
#b Solid Destruction True (100 cubic ft)
#c Great Crack (500’ deep, 30’ wide, 1000’ long; 1/10th of that in a structure)
4. Of Slaying Constructs
5. Of Changing: will become a dagger, a kynac, broadsword or two-handed sword at will. (is currently an estock)
6. Completely deflects all organic missile attacks directed at the wielder. Metal-tipped arrows with wooden shafts are at -50.


Gryphon Sword

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