House Owainshield

“You get what you deserve.”
House Owainshield have been loyal bannermen to the Jarroks of Briston for thousands of years.

The First Family
Lord Banders Owainshield, age 264, Lord of the Palewoods
-his wife, Lady Crisaly Owainshield, age 184
-their three children,
—Tyson Owainshield, age 163,
—Sir Brynders Owainshield, died in battle
—Lady Debella Abban, age 144, wed to Lord Eekret-Ulinar Abban

The Second
Tyson Owainshield, heir to the Palewoods
-his wife, Lady Veranda, age 123
-their three children,
—Censorious Owainshield, age 100
—Sir Crawford Owainshield, age 96, Master-of-Arms at Castle Palewood
—Lady Imogen Vhoriling, age 86, wed to Sir Roland Vhoriling

The Third
Censorious Owainshield
-his wife, Lady Tysha, age 55
-their four children,
—Lady Sarabella Bartok, age 35, wed to Lord Yolner Barok of Pinerock
—Sir Prestian Owainshield, age 34,
—Lady Sheleen Owainshield, age 31
—Sir Thrax Owainshield, age 24

Other notable members of House Owainshield,

Thimbole Owainshield, age 260, younger brother to Banders Owainshield, Master of the Arcane Arts
Sir Pipp Owainshield, age 258, younger brother to Banders Owainshield, lost at sea
Alestair Zendar, age 350, resident Master Cleric
Evanburn Owainshield, age 16, great nephew of Tyson Owainshield
Dandee “Two-Time” Grishner, age 25, childhood friend of Thrax

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House Owainshield

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