Masters of the Essence, various Navigator Guilds offer their services for hire. They use the Essence Flows to transport paying customers. For a fee.

There is one common way to contact a Navigator, should one have the cash and the inclination to travel. Black stone obelisks, one foot square and twenty feet tall, are scattered across the lands of the world. They are unmarked, shiny black, and virtually indestructible. Simply place a hand on one and say, “I require a Navigator,” and one will magically appear in a few minutes. He or she will then discuss terms and payment (almost inflexibly cash up front.)


- A “standard unit” is one person or 100lbs of cargo
- 1 gp per mile per unit over land; 1 gp per 10 miles per unit over sea
- An additional flat rate of 100 gp per jump.
- Plus an additional surcharge of 10 gp per unit per mile for travel over 50 miles.


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