The Dragon Lords

Your average citizen has never seen a dragon of any kind (and never hopes to.) A few large cities might have a wyvern or two in a royal zoo, but that is the extent of it. Most people in fact will tell you that they don’t even believe that there are any real dragons left — if they existed at all. But they do, and their powers are beyond the reckoning even of the most wise. I will write now what only the Loremasters know.

The ignorant talk of a Dragon Lord in the Northeast, a man who holds sway over huge swaths of land and people, consuming most of Wulris and stretching his power into Lu’Nak.”

But there is more than one Dragon Lord, and they are definitely not men.

— Aerendy

Sulthon Ni’Shaang – The Red Dragon
The White Dragon

The Dragon Lords

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