The Haidic Tribes


The Haidic tribes of the Blue Forest are related to the more northerly Fustir, but have always been more plentiful — and more warlike. Petty squabbles have peppered the history of the Haid, and the clash of weapons reverberates through the Blue Forest more often than not.

Of average height, Haid males range between 5’6" and 6’2", with females usually about 6" shorter. Haid have ruddy skin, dark brown hair and eyes, and tend to be stocky of build.

The Haid are tribal, and life and death revolves around the clan. Life is hard, and often short. Their preferred weapons are spear, sword, and bow. They do not forge their own steel — Haidic-made weapons are of wood and iron. Tribes may have greatly contrasting outlooks, living spaces, and customs; but they all share the same language and can understand one another in spite of dialects.

While they share similar culture — the Haid are in no way united. However, the leaders of the tribes can call for a Concord, a meeting of all the tribes. The Concord is part celebration, part athletic competition, and part diplomatic summit. During the Concord, the tribal representatives are governed by a sacred truce that even the most corrupt would not break.

The Haid have traditionally hunted Elves, which makes life difficult for the hidden Elven kingdom.

For many centuries, there were twelve recognized Haidic Tribes. Most recently, however, one tribe has been lost, or destroyed, or scattered. Even the Haid themselves do not know what happened.


The remaining tribes are:

The Haidic Tribes

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