The Six Crowns, Pendants, and Swords

History whispers, but only to those who listen. Sages and scholars remember, but even learned folk may only hear a hint, or chase a shadow, and therefore never truly see the picture they seek.

There are some truths which have been teased out of the rumors of the ages. Mighty artifacts were forged long ago and given to (or won by) the leaders of each of the six largest nations on the continent of Jaiman. These were the Six Crowns, and they have all since been lost. And that loss, some rumors say, is how the Unlife has whittled away at the world and stands ready to sweep over all who may oppose it.

The crowns were meant for the rightful ruler of each nation, and could be wielded by that person alone. With the six crowns came six swords — each meant for the champion of that realm. For the high royal advisors there were six pendants.


  • The Gryphon Crown – Held at the Grypon College
  • The Gryphon Sword – Wielded by Tolen
  • The Gryphon Pendant – Held by Zaris of the Gryphon College
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • The Crown, Pendant, and Sword of the Phoenix are assumed to be in the treasuries in Haalkitaine, the capital of Rhakhaan. The Phoenix Crown is not known to be worn by the Emperor.
  • The Sea Drake Crown – in the hoard of the Dragon Lord
  • The Sea Drake Sword – in a place called “The Tomb of Andraax”
  • The Sea Drake Pendant – Held by Thrax
  • The Wyvern Crown – in the Aalk Athimurl
  • The Wyvern Sword – Held by Lord Jarrok
  • The Wyvern Pendant – with Andraax

The Six Crowns, Pendants, and Swords

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