The Unlife

“The Unlife acts through many minions and hides behind many names. In the North and throughout Jaiman it is served by black cults led by priests, servants of what there is called the Iron Wind. They wear the garb of the culture they infiltrate and spread the power of their master not through violence, but by intrigue and knowledge of the superstitions of the people.”
— Varis


“Why do beings serve the Unlife? There could be many reasons: greed, impatience, the desire for vengeance, or lust for power. All also suffer from the arrogant presumption that they will be able to drink from the well of the Unlife and yet retain their freedom of mind and spirit. All are wrong.”
Queen Wrayburn

“Unlife is not the undead, though it’s easy to see why unlearned folk fail to make the distinction. The undead may be tools of the Unlife, but then again the living are more often its agents. What I can see is a desire for power; power for the sake of itself. And once down that path, the spiral is inescapable. We have heard the crazed minions scream about purity, though how that can be achieved I can’t guess.”

“They say the Unlife are master manipulators; promising knowledge and power while delivering something else entirely. If that is their method then they will fail. For the people of Jaiman cannot be manipulated and they will see through the lies and deceit of the Unlife. In my extensive travels, I learned that only through honesty can you gain the trust of the good people of Jaiman.”

“Aye, I don’t know why they call themselves the Unlife and expect to gain any traction. Now if they called themselves “the Goodlife.” Well, that would swell their ranks to truly frightening levels!”

Agents of the Unlife

The Priests Arnak

The Unlife

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