The Sea Drake Kingdom has fractured into warring city-states.

The main power centers in U-Lyshak are:

The small kingdom surrounds the old capital of U-Lyshak known as Cynar. The coastal town has a brisk trade economy and supports a respectable fleet. Though the most prosperous of the U-Lyshak states, Helyssa is currently in turmoil after the death of the king and the disapperance of his only heir, Prince Kier Ianis. The realm is currently held in regency, controlled by the Priest of Yarth, a powerful cleric with a growing political following.
The Priest of Yarth is known by the wise to be the high Priest of Yarthraak, a powerful servant of the Unlife.

A small but cosmopolitan independent city-state near the Elven Forest of Remiriath. It sits on both sides of the Alumn River, just above the Bay of Elysea. Several beautiful bridges connect the city’s halves.

The Elven Forest of Remiriath
Rumors abound regarding the forest. It is generally known that uninvited guests are not welcome.


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