"Are you stupid?"


Level 11
Grey Elf
Force Mage- Essence user


The Ninja Turtles had Donatello, the Power Rangers had Billy the blue ranger, Star Trek: Next Generation had Data, and we have Aerendy. Relatively new to the party, this Grey Elf Force Mage is very much the Wikipedia of the party. Before Aerendy, we operated solely on the plans of whoever was loudest at the time.

Prior to joining the campaign, Aerendy had experienced thousands of adventures, wars, and the falling of empires – all from books she’s read at school. At Griffon College, Aerendy was the top of her class in Lore, Essence casting, Flying, and according to Thrax, Nagging. Her skills and knowledge had never been tested in real life before joining us.

Nobody knows why she chose this band of misfits to offer her services to. Some say it was the allure of their famous healer, Harper. Most say it was out of convenience.

Coming from a highly exclusive well-known school, Aerendy is prone to being “prissy,” “ditsy,” “condescending,” and “nerdy.” (Chronicles of Darko, pg 250) Being sheltered all her life, she also possesses a thirst for adventure and knowledge of the unknown. Her Elven heritage is most demonstrated in her proficiency in magic and her hatred of demons. Being the only non-violent sober mage in the party makes Aerendy irreplaceable and a perfect support character in battles.

- Her catch phrase is “What are you, stupid?”

- Her battle cry is “By the power of books!”

- She has not graduated from Griffon College. Officially, she’s a drop out.

- She has to keep Griffon College’s secrets to herself.

- She was classmates with Prince Kier.

- Ever since she received the Ice Staff, she’s been partial to colder weather.

- She has a familiar: a Zephyr hound by the name of Brutus.

- Secretly, she likes Darko’s music.

“If you’re going to be part of the team, I feel you deserve to know the truth. You see, before you, we had another essence mage. Fillipe was a very powerful mage, an elf too, just like yourself. Well, things started off great and together, we achieved many great things, but one day, in an otherwise unnoteworthy battle against bandits, ‘BAM!’, arrow to the back of the head. I don’t want to get into the gory details, but it was a very traumatic experience losing him. I wouldn’t bother trying to talk about it with the other party members. They took it very hard. And while I told them to harden up, they are still in mourning. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them deny everything I just told you. "
Thrax to Aerendy when she joined the party

“If we are to work as a team, we need to be totally honest with one another and that’s why I told you about Fillipe. If there is anything I should know, I want you to tell me so I can help. I truly want you to succeed. Let’s start with your real age. Are you 200? or 300? You don’t look a day over 200, you look great!’
Thrax to Aerendy


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