A.D.D (Annoying. Deranged. Deadly)


Aye, the Noisy Elf. He’s quick with his blades, I’ll give him that. But about that night in the net? I don’t want to talk about it.



Widely known throughout the realm as a trickster and part time music icon, Darko the bard presently spends his time doing the bidding of Lord Jarrok and Queen Wrayburn as a knight. His big mouth frequently lands him and his friends in more trouble than they need. Though ultimately he does mean well.

What you should know is that he is part of an elite-ish team that has achieved as much glory as disgrace. Collectively, they helped win a war, free slaves, kill dragons as well as commit kidnappings, pedophilism, and the introduction of obesity to the known world. In the most literal way, Darko symbolizes the moral compass of this campaign: confused.

A bard by trade, Darko is a half high-human and high-elf that is well versed in linguistics, music, cooking, and drunken depressions. He enjoys being the center of attention- specifically during celebrations. Darko spends most of these times drinking and spreading slanderous songs about his fellow adventurers. He vociferously denies this act when in the presence of his friends.

Though proficient in bardic skills, Darko is a dunce when it comes to bardic knowledge. Due to his beautifully egocentric personality, anything that does not involve Darko is not worth noting. Thus, his lore skills are quite lacking.

Darko has inherited some very useful skills through his loving parents. From his noble father, Darko learned the dance of the blades. Wielding two long swords,to Darko, is as easy as singing a tune in a tavern. From his elf mother, he learned stealth and magic. His mentalist magic helps enhance his music as well as his purpose in battle. Coming from such good stock has resulted in lightning speed and strong constitution. One can only speculate why he is so weird.

Of the party members, Darko shares bonds of inclination towards Thrax and Aerendy. Thrax, because they are both knights sent from the same kingdom that share similar interests of self-involved neuroticism. Aerendy, because he feels he can seduce her.

- Darko plays the trumpet and flute

- Darko is quite on the tall side: 6’5"!

- He has opened a chain of ice-cream stores with business partner Aerendy. Dark & Airy’s Frost Jelly is rumored to be the reason behind Lord Jarrok’s recent battle with Goutabetes.

- Darko hates Brindarn. He’s ginger and they are God’s forgotten children.

- He plans to open an all girls school with Thrax once they get a break from adventuring.

- Darko is actually pretty decent at shooting an arrow. However, Folgra has rendered this skill useless.

- He has mental dialogues with his swords- which are sentient.

- He carries a book that chronicles their adventures.


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