Champion of Saralis


“I will not call myself a king, for although Saralis is united, the Kingdom must still be won.”


Once the Lord of Briston, Jarrok is now High Lord and Champion of Saralis. Whether he calls himself a king or not, he rules reunited Saralis with his wife, Queen Wrayburn. The throne room is not his preferred venue — Jarrok would rather be in consult with his generals, or on the battlefield. An imposing figure, solid, stern, and with eyes of flint, Jarrok wields the legendary Wyvern Sword. He never forgets that winning Saralis was only the beginning. Keeping Saralis will be the hardest battle of them all.



The lands of Briston breed hardy men. This province of Old Saralis lay on the Nothern Marches, subject to invasion from LuNak. Jarrok learned the way of the warrior early in life. Where his younger brothers and cousins were content to hack and slash any invaders who came their way, Jarrok yearned for a better way.

He studied military tactics and strategy from the finest teachers his noble family could afford, and he quickly outpaced their resources. At last, young Jarrok was sent to military school in Rhakhaan. He was at first considered a bumpkin from the hinterlands of the empire, but he earned his own commission in the Imperial Army.

He served with distinction, and suffered a poisoned wound from a Quaidu arrow. He recovered well, except for being turned prematurely gray.

But Rhakhaan was not for him. He disliked the snobbery, the arrogance of Haalkitaine. And when his family called him home, he left a promising Imperial career to take his place as Lord of Briston.

It was then that he met Wrayburn, ruler of the neighboring province of Alesia. Thus began not only political alliance, but a romantic one. They were well-matched, and of similar thought and ambition.

They bided their time for more than two decades, and when Wrayburn was pregnant and could not pretend otherwise, they officially announced their alliance. And thus began the Battle for Saralis.


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