Quest for the Crowns

Items Found in Malik Treasure Horde

Treasure found

Claimed Items:

1. Leather boots – +30 DB, +10 climbing, +10 riding
2. Ear Ring of Unpain – Able to cast unpain level 15 up (75%) to 3 x week
3. Dragonskin Armor (AT14, +30DB, encumber as AT3, case Shield once a day)

1. Metal Shield – 15DB, able to block 2 attack every other round
2. Metal Armor (AT 18, +20DB, +50 transcend armor, encumber as AT 1)
3. Spear – (
25 mithel spear of returning)

1. Silver Basin (1 ft long) – able to transform into a bathtub once a day and the water can be change to any temperature
2. 7 potions of any Level 20 spell ( to be determine by Thrax)

1. Helm of two faces – wearier can see invisible object as a see invisible spell; +20 to reverse stroke maneuver, -15 to all influence maneuver

1. Robe of Kazlauskas – (AT 4, +30DB, Stun Relief I works consciously and unconsciously) (Able to case once a day – Stun Relief III, Cut Repair I, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Protection II, Ice Bolt, Ache-sorcery spell, Shield)
2. Essence Ring – PP Ring x 3

1. Great Elven Blade Falchion – (+20OB, Holy, x2 concussion hit, +10 against all elemental attacks, +10 RR to all evil spell caster)

1. Broadrack arms – (Companion pg. 40) (+15 magical, stun critical at 2 level)

Unclaimed and to be divided later on.
1. Pair of Falchion – 25OB, +10DB)
2. Vinuk Herb x 5 (Stun relief up to 5 rounds)
3. Metal Armor (AT 16, +30DB, +40 to transcend armor, encumber as AT 3)
4. Reyk Herb x 17 (Heal 20)
5. Garig Herb x 18 (Heal 30)
6. Leather Shield (
7. Zulsandera Herb x 4 – (Haste x 3 rounds)


Thanks! I should have been paying more attention, I want those boots, Harper!


That’s funny… cuz I don’t remember the boots.

I know there were some metal leg greaves that had a modest bonus. But I wouldn’t give out +30 db boots :)


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