The Forest of Lu’Nak stretches across the northern reaches of Jaiman. Also known as the Blue Forest, it is a sparsely populated land in turmoil. The helpless Haidic tribes are caught in the middle of a power struggle between the Dragon Lord and the Unlife.


Four hundred miles wide, and seventy-five deep, it is entirely too easy to get lost in the Blue Forest. Its western edges border the Land of Silver Mist: Quellbourne, and is subject to the influence of the lengthening reach of Saralis. To the North, the Priests of Gaath and Athimurl compete to spread the Unlife south. And to the East lies the lands of the Dragon Lord.

The land has a dark history, filled with bloodshed. Once the peaceful realm of Wood-elves, it was largely overrun by Haidic peoples. These in turn fought amongst themselves and with the Fustir until 4166 TE (nearly two thousand years ago!) when a host of demonic creatures swept through the Blue Forest and nearly wiped out the entire populace in a night.

The Haidic Tribes have since recovered, and continue their lives, telling their stories, sharpening their spears, and fighting to remain independent.

One lone Elven stronghold remains, hidden and protected.

But have the demons in the night, the shards, truly left Lu’Nak?


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