The Fortress of Izlal


The Fortress of Izlal sits on a mountain spur in the north of Lu’Nak. It was a fortress so old, no one really knows who built it. But the ruins have been occupied and fortified by the emissaries of Gaath.

The party has traveled Lu’Nak far and wide, and come to the understanding of what exactly this fortress has become.

Fortress Map

The Plight of the Hendassa

The Hendassa Haidic Tribe has been forcibly moved to a village inside of the sweeping walls of the fortress. They cannot leave, and their tribal council has been replaced by infiltrators that watch the populace and keep them in line.

Their warriors are conscripted to keep watch on the outer walls, and to patrol the lands outside the fortress. They are required to fight, or risk having their families killed.

Whispers tell of people that go into the mountain stronghold, never to return.

The Voov

The Voov tribesmen are in a better situation. They are the primary fighting force for the masters of Izlal, and are provided with exceptional (for the Haid) living quarters, food, and high quality weapons. They are trusted to man gates on the first and second walls.


Also known a Lugroki, orcs are a key component of Izlal. They man the outer walls at night (for their night vision) and perform the night patrols.

Black Capes

The backbone of the force are the Black Capes. Gaath has dispatched many of these knights, and they are a fearsome force. Everyone — including the Voov and the orcs — fear them. They are shock troops, and are housed higher up in the fortress.

Officers and generals of this order have also been encountered. The highest-ranking so far have been Dark Elves.


The other inhabitants of Izlal are more difficult to name. The party knows that there was a might Evil Paladin — who was slain by Thrax in the final moments of the battle for the outer walls.

The party surmises that there must be more magic-users in the mountain. Demon-summoning seems to be a hobby of at least one other person. They also know that the resurgence of shards has its roots in this fortress.

The Fortress of Izlal

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